How to choose a wedding photographer?

How to choose a wedding photographer?

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How to choose a wedding photographer and where to find him. Finally, your cherished dream came true, you found your soul mate, applied to the registry office and soon you will have a joyful event - a wedding!

But now you have a number of questions to be solved before the wedding: you need to find the leading wedding evening - a toastmaster, choose a wedding photographer, wedding video, pick up a show program, wedding music, and order a limousine. Visit beauty salons or at home to use the services of a wedding make-up artist and hairdresser, decorating the interior of the hall... Oh, how many problems. You can of course save and make up the wedding budget yourself or contact the wedding salons, where for your money all your questions will be decided, you will be picked up by the wedding photographer and videographer for your own taste, but you will be provided only by those (wedding photographer and videographer) with whom the wedding salons work. As known, wedding studio photoshoot has the best quality.

Newlyweds often find an outlet using one of the invited guests or close friends to replace the wedding photographer or cameraman. Someone just recently bought a digital SLR camera and already believes that he may well be a wedding photographer, just like a professional photographer, but newlyweds forget that it's not the camera that takes pictures, but the wedding photographer is a creative person with experience that does not will miss the most important moments of your wedding. Wedding photography is a separate direction in photography, a wedding photographer is not only a person with a camera, a wedding photographer is your friend and assistant for the whole day. How easy and fun you are for the whole day depends on the wedding photographer. Moreover, your wedding photographer will catch your mood and emotions on such an important day for you.

Even if the newly-married photographer agrees to help you, he can not refuse, but by the middle of the wedding day he understands that he can not stand this state of constant waiting and finding new ideas, misunderstanding the composition of the angle and why some wedding photos did not work ... But this can not be fixed - your wedding, registrar's office or visiting ceremony is lost and you do not have to repeat it ... This is quite common phenomenon - the role of a wedding photographer is quickly annoying. So your friend invited to your wedding will do.

The services of a wedding photographer do not end, with the end of your solemn day, like a toastmaster or a wedding limousine, it's only half the business. Further weeks of processing and creativity, for this the services of a wedding photographer should cost more than other services. Twelve hours to work, to seek out the moments, to catch emotions, to invent wedding staged photographs your friend will not stand, but not a professional photographer. He does not have to work all day, he is also a guest ....

Once again, newlyweds can save: videographer - he is also a wedding photographer, in combination. We pay less and get two in one - wedding photos and videos. But this is only at first glance. As a result, you will receive for your money several dozen unsuccessful wedding photos and the same wedding film, a photo claiming a reportage, and video shooting of the same quality. Can I think again and do not try to save a couple of dozen dollars for a wedding photographer and an operator? After all wedding photos and wedding video will remain for life, they will be watched by your friends, acquaintances, parents, your children. This is what will remain for life after the day of your wedding. A beautiful wedding album or wedding photobook, the video will always be a good memory and you will be proud to show or look yourself with warm memories of your marriage. It is also better to hire a photographer and a videographer who is engaged in a wedding photo and video shooting.

After all, you choose a creative approach and an unconventional view, and not just a dry technical performance of the work of a photographer or videographer.

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