What indians need to know when moving to Ukraine?

What indians need to know when moving to Ukraine?

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If for one reason or another you decide to move to Ukraine, then first of all you should take care of the legal aspects of your move. This side is an important part of immigration, if not the main one, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand all the nuances of paperwork. For this, our article will clearly and clearly state to you all the information you need. There are few companies in Ukraine that can guarantee to do everything from start to finish, prepare all the documents, organize the arrival, meet at the airport and help with housing. The agency "Indians in Ukraine" can help with all this. The agency employs both Indian and Ukrainian specialists who can help with Ukraine visa for Indians, residence permit or study in Ukraine.
Moving to Ukraine: general information

And so, firstly, you should know that at the moment there are three types of visas in Ukraine:

  1. B - transit;
  2. C - short-term;
  3. D - long-term.

If you decide to move to Ukraine for a long time, then you can guess by the name that it is better for you to apply for a long-term visa. The grounds for obtaining a D visa are: a work permit, a residence permit, an invitation to study or an invitation from a religious organization. But for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, countries of the European Union, America and Asia, as well as for some others, a visa-free regime is in effect in Ukraine, i.e. citizens of these countries are allowed to cross the border with one passport without a visa, and at the border they will be asked to fill out a migration card. According to the passport, you can stay on the territory of Ukraine for no more than 90 days.

If you have arrived for a long time, you need to issue a temporary residence permit, which can be for a period of up to 3 years, with the right to extend it for the same period. A residence permit certifies the identity of a foreign citizen and gives the right to enter the territory of Ukraine.

There are two types of residence permit in Ukraine: temporary and permanent. Unlike a permanent residence permit, a temporary residence permit allows you to stay on the territory of Ukraine for no more than a year. After this period, it will be necessary to either renew the residence permit or leave the borders of the state. A permanent residence permit gives foreigners the opportunity to live in the country permanently; this document, like a passport, is subject to exchange upon reaching the age of twenty-five and forty-five.

Advantages of a temporary residence permit:

  • the opportunity to live in Ukraine, being at this time a citizen of another state;
  • when entering the country, there is no need to fill out a migration card;
  • granting a large number of rights (for example, employment in Ukraine without obtaining a special work permit).

A residence permit can be obtained by immigrants who have arrived for the purpose of:

  • official employment in the country;
  • being a member of a religious organization;
  • investing in the Ukrainian economy. But there are a couple of requirements: investments must be official, and their amount starts from $ 100,000;
  • work in representative offices of multinational companies or financial institutions;
  • cultural or political activities that will be useful to Ukraine;
  • journalistic or correspondent activities that are not prohibited by the Ukrainian authorities;
  • getting an education in local educational institutions;
  • reunification with your family (i.e. if the applicant's spouse or close relative is citizens of Ukraine or has previously received a residence permit in its territory);
  • foreigners who have lived in Ukraine without leaving for three years from the date they were granted refugee status or asylum in Ukraine.

A quota is allocated annually, allowing foreigners to apply for a residence permit. But there are certain categories of people who do not need to seek a special quota:

  1. foreigners who have been married to a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years;
  2. close relatives of Ukrainians, who can further prove this fact;
  3. a foreigner whose guardian or custodian is a Ukrainian;
  4. a person whose immigration is beneficial for Ukraine and its population (scientists or famous artists);
  5. people who were born on the territory of the country, but are not citizens;
  6. foreign Ukrainians, i.e. people of Ukrainian origin and relevant documents confirming this fact.

A migrant who wants to settle in Ukraine must translate his passport into Ukrainian and provide it with notarization. It is worth considering that you may need them in many places, so it is advisable to make several such translations.

Then you will have to get a TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number), at the tax service of the district at the place of registration, i.e. register with the tax office to receive a card with an identification number. You will need a passport and that, of course, a notarized translation. Then you need to open an investment account in the bank of Ukraine. TIN is the document that will be asked of you first in any formal action (drawing up documents at a notary, opening a bank account, registering a business, employment, etc.).

Next, you will need to take out health insurance. Later, if you apply for a residence permit, you will have to apply for medical insurance already in Ukraine. To do this, you need to come to the insurance company with a passport (some companies ask for its notarized translation into Ukrainian). You will also be asked to clarify the address where you will live in Ukraine. The cost of insurance depends on the period for which you take it out and on the list of diseases for which you will be treated.

Also, do not forget about the list of diseases approved by the Ministry of Health that are not allowed to enter Ukraine. In order to get a residence permit in Ukraine, you need documents confirming that you do not suffer from alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction, tuberculosis, HIV and some other infectious diseases.

The next step is registration (registration of the place of residence), although officially it is not required, but in fact, due to the lack of registration, you may constantly have difficulties in business. Therefore, all the same, registration should be done. It is necessary to find the owner of an apartment in Ukraine from whom you can register and obtain his written consent. You can register in a rented apartment, just not the fact that the landlord will agree to this, but there are other ways to register. To obtain a residence permit, you need to personally (or by power of attorney) come to the administrative services center in the area where your residence permit will be together with the owner of the property. Yes, foreigners must register the address at which they will live in Ukraine. This is given 30 days, it is considered from the moment of obtaining a residence permit. You need to come to the SMS with a passport, a receipt for payment of the administrative fee (issued by the department), a military ID (for men) and a statement from the owner of the home, where he will confirm that he is ready to register a foreigner with him.

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