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Today, bohemian glass is one of the Czech Republic's calling cards in the world. Bohemian glass or as it is also called Czech crystal, is in great demand and popularity today. When buying bohemian glass products on, we do not even think about the rich history of this material, which gives us aesthetic pleasure with its design and gives our table a luxurious look.

Glass production in the Czech Republic is rightly considered the oldest in Central Europe. Products made of bohemian glass - crystal glasses, vases, table lamps, chandeliers - will be able to take their royal place in your interior, combining impeccable style, high quality characteristics and state-of-the-art design. Bohemia is one of the three historical centers in the Czech Republic. In the XVI century in Bohemia revived the technology of glass carving, known in ancient Rome. Initially, this technique was used to decorate rock crystal. Different cups of glasses, and only then began to decorate other glassware. The main difference of the Czech Republic was that the glass products made here were not only objects of luxurious decoration of houses, they were also available to ordinary people.

Bohemian glass was first mentioned in chronicles in 1162. The first glassblowers appeared at the end of the XIII century in settlements where there were forests and cheap wood. In the Middle Ages, bohemian glass was famous for its quality and was sold in France, Flanders and Saxony. Bohemia's main competitor in the glass market was Venice. In the 17th century, Venice began to give up its position in the glass and glass products market, which allowed Czech manufacturers to quickly capture a leading position in the glass market in Europe and expand production. In the XVIII century, Joseph Palme invented the crystal chandelier, which served as a new impetus for the development of glass production in these lands.

How is crystal different from ordinary glass? The main excellent component is the replacement of calcium oxide in ordinary glass, lead oxide - in crystal. The crystal is a very soft, fusible material, usually due to the presence of lead - heavy, its appearance differs in its shiny surface, light rays dissolve into individual beams, almost all colors of the rainbow hitting its surface, while captivating everyone with its unique game light.

Today, the production of bohemian glass is improving, and it is divided into two subtypes: bohemian crystal and painted glass with a smooth surface. Depending on the type of further processing, there are ground glass, painted and engraved.

What is the secret of the beauty of bohemian glass?

The main thing is the properties of the glass mass, which in the process of cooling becomes shiny, solid and transparent as a tear. Further gloss of the product is given by the talented hands of master carvers, grinders, thanks to whose work the glass becomes sparkling, like a diamond. And today centuries-old traditions are used in modern production, the crystal is ground by hand. Depending on the content of lead oxide, today in the process of making bohemian glass there are three groups of crystal products: premium - from 33%, standard - up to 30%, traditional glass up to 24%.

Of course, as with Murano glass, there are also many fakes. To check the authenticity of bohemian glass is quite simple, to do this, slightly moistening your finger, spend on the edge of the glass. No, we do not expect the appearance of gin, especially the fulfillment of their desires, although we can only know the answer, in the case of authentic bohemian glass, it literally sings to you about it, the fake is shyly silent.

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